In this module, we will discuss acute, non-traumatic abdominal pain, its common causes, and its management. You will learn, through a comprehensive SOAP approach, what questions to ask in history and what examinations to perform to determine the likely cause of the complaint. You will learn which investigations to perform, why to order them, and how to interpret the results. Finally, you will learn how to manage common and life-threatening causes of acute, non-traumatic abdominal pain.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Objectives

    • Pre-Quiz: Acute Non-traumatic Abdominal Pain

    • Whiteboard

  • 2

    SOAP Note

    • Introduction

    • Nursing Pearls

    • Overview

    • Subjective

    • Objective

    • Assessment and Plan

    • Summary

    • References

  • 3


    • Lecture

  • 4


    • Acute Non-traumatic Abdominal Pain Quiz

  • 5


    • Survey

    • Disclosures